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Some very profound questions and thoughts here. It's my view that there are other data points here that we haven't considered. The somewhat allergic reaction by some to the Trust Barometer is predictable based on the fact many of us are believers and have sold our companies and agencies on the importance of social media in the marketing/customer mix. When you see data that questions some very well-accepted assumptions, you get push-back. I get it and it's not a bad thing. One statement you made David sticks out at me too. You said: "We act like the media, espousing opinions—reporting from the field (Iran etc.) and in turn media has begun to act like us (blogging, tweeting and becoming more opinionated vs. hard news oriented." This is very important. Because everyone is media (which I agree 100% with you on), the amount of information shared increases dramatically. The noise level in the last 18 months for all consumers has risen dramatically with the adoption of other social platforms/networks. People are getting bombarded with information from everyone they know and people they don't know. As a result, I think they start to turn it off a little. I've done this myself at times. The mind-crowd noise becomes unbearable so they tune even people they trust out. But it doesn't last forever. Once their ears stop ringing, they check back in. Whatever the cause, it does all of us in "the business" good to step back and look critically at everything we do and consumer behaviors and opinions linked to those activities. It's one indicator which is leading to good, pointed discussion. I could go on all day but will step aside for others to comment. This is a great post to continue a robust discussion. of luck at Edelman Digital. I am sure you'll continue to rock n' roll and create all sorts of goodness for your clients. See you soon...with a couple of Cubans to fire up!
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Thanks for the thoughts David. As someone who works for a big brand, this really hits home. You have to be able to always make it easy to engage and ignite the core so advocates can be created. Many companies never get this and can't move forward. At the end of the day, it has to start with your first point. You have to create a product that people value, use and love. That means continually listening and responding with improvement and innovation. Thanks!
Brian...thanks for sharing. As an almost five year survivor of malignant melanoma (the worst skin cancer possible), I know exactly how you feel. That journey and cancer diagnosis also reminded me more than ever of how my faith and belief in God would carry me through. My parish rallied behind me, my wife and two kids at the time and it was a transforming experience. It was the ultimate reminder of how we are only at the beginning of a journey that will end, God willing, at the side of the Lord. It's also a great reminder to wear sunscreen my Brother Knights! Even in winter on cloudy days, protect yourself! Again, thanks for sharing and Vivat Jesus!
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David: Thanks for this post. As a corporate-side comms pro, I have become tired of the so-called "experts" and their thin list of accomplishments. For those of us on the front lines every day, using social media as part of our overall strategy, it's refreshing to hear someone like yourself declare the obvious. With that said, it's not unusual. With any emerging business or channel, opportunists are quick to talk the talk without walking the walk. The bottom line is results. Most of these folks have none. They'll soon go the way of the Betamax. Thanks for your expertise AND, more importantly, your continued efforts to speak to those of us who get it. Scott
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