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Wow. Looks like this has really increased your sales honestly. Seems like this guy did you a favor. People who are going to purchase it will do so even if they can get it for free. What about the poor college student who will purchase when he actually has money. Maybe he would become a loyal fan and over the long term as he did get disposable income he would purchase everything you have ever published? What about the people who could either eat three meals for the day or buy the audiobook? I know five people (out of 10) at my work alone who could not eat for the day if they were to purchase the audiobook. That accounts for about 40-50% of our population in the USA. There are quite a few people in our society who do not have disposable income. Especially in our current economic climate. (Even more reason they should buy the book, obviously) I think it really does increase your exposure. I understand it is not right and should not be allowed or condoned. If giving away the material for free killed sales for publishers, then libraries would have destroyed the publishing industry years ago. You could always do a incentivised program that if people went through and filled out all of your offers they would get the book for free. Shoot you would probably make more money that way as well. lol. I think that in the near term that people will reconsider the distribution mechanisms in place today and come up with a license system that would blanket all materials from a publisher (individual or large corporation) and would entitle people to download the work from anywhere. This seems like a good business decision to me really. You still get paid without having to worry about distribution. Oh well, best of luck and I am sure I will purchase your audiobook myself as I am actually interested in the material. You apparently have a good following of loyal people so that should count for something.
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