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Marisa, these are wonderful and its so great to see the collaboration here. They do look fab when you wear more than one. :-) Cant wait to check out all the gorgeous designs. xx
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Jun 15, 2010
Wow wonderfully done Jacqueline. Packaging, wrapping and presentation mean so much and also show the care, consideration and love that's gone into something... these are fabulous ideas, thank you for sharing you lovely lady. :-)
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Hi sweetie, such a lovely post and yes i think many of us are feeling this lately...but listening to other stories and having great support, inspiration and hope from fellow artists is what makes this journey so worthwhile.... if it all came so easily i dont know if we'd enjoy it so much. I have learnt a great deal and meeting many people in this online art world has been so wonderful. Im British celebrating Thanksgiving in the US and I think this is such an appropriate time to reflect on what we have all achieved so far, be thankful and plan our next amazing steps into this creative life.... its all good. :-)
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Oh Marisa, these are gorgeous! So colorful and cute and i adore that they are all together in a little book.
Hey there, i just love the way you have written this post, its so inspiring and its been wonderful having you as a classmate in the fishbowl...i just know you are moving onto great things as you have so much heart. Thank you so much for your continuous support and comments on my blog and i hope one day many of us will get to meet face to face. :-)
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oooh so adorable, love them. Very excited for the holiday season myself such a creative fun time of year. Enjoy. :)
Toggle Commented Nov 11, 2009 on Holiday Cards are Here at the Creative Thursday blog
Hey there, i LOVE those spoons, congrats to all the winners. :-) Here in NYC, Halloween was extremely lively, although the weather put a dampener on some of the festivities. Some great costumes out there, but i had zero trick or treaters to my door. :-( So have lots of candy to eat! have a fabulous week :-)
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Oooh very exciting and love the photo to express this. I cant wait to find out more. :-)
Toggle Commented Nov 2, 2009 on exciting news at the Creative Thursday blog
Hi Marisa, wonderful wonderful calendar, the colours and format are so inviting...the creatures are all so happy and fun looking. I also wanted to pop by and say a very belated thank you for posting a comment on my blog and the congrats about my new shop... it really means alot to me as a fishie and its been such a great experience so far in the fish bowl. The support of you and fellow fishies has made all the difference. Have a wonderful week and see you in the fishbowl on Thursday :-)
Toggle Commented Oct 26, 2009 on 2010 Calendar at the Creative Thursday blog
Hello fellow fishie thanks for visiting my blog. See you in the fish bowl and ill come back soon to follow your blog. :-)
Toggle Commented Oct 16, 2009 on Finding my Creative Voice at Scrap Yoga
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Helloooo, fellow fishie here checking out your lovely blog, wonderful colours, photos and i just love your "Morning posts" very inspirational. Super to see your recent paintings listed on the sidebar too. Great job and chat soon in the fishbowl Louise
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