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J. Simons. Appreciate your perspective, lets look at all history though. Toyota is not volunteering to do a re-call, they have been avoiding it for over a year. Agree, US autos have had their share of issues, and have been very high profile. Some of these are physics problems. SUVs have a higher center of gravity, low tire pressure creates heat and the tire will eventually fail, all brands, all the time. There was no design issue with the Explorer, the lesson was SUVs handling had to improve for ALL manufactures. If you followed this issue you would see every SUV maker had rollover fatalities, essentially following whoever had the highest volume had more occurances. The government now prescribes essentially how tall and wide all vehicle must be, depending on segment. Part of history which is now being shown is, Toyota has a long pratice of minimizing and not admitting responsibility. Roof crush concerns, vehicle structure integrity, and rusting of key structural components are all real problems for Toyota and have all been low key in the media. Auto journalists have not been able to bring themselves to write anything that doesn't communicate US = Gas guzzling garbage but Japan = Auto Nirvana. This is changing. There is a whistleblower lawsuit now in the courts by a previous Toyota lawyer who helped the defective product lawsuits go away (read shred the evidence). He is being labeled a disgruntled ex- employee, but thankfully he has the conscience to state in his suit Toyota will go to any means possible to discredit any data, any claim, any facts that have indeed produced products which unitentionally have harmed people. I am not a Toyota basher, in my opinion buying American puts the welfare of my country first, because the US gave me the FREEDOM to make that choice, and I support what is best for the US.
Please Toyota fans - if you are going to accuse someone of Arrogance, please spell it right (Aerogance?). I am a flag waver, and very proud to work for an American car company. I am for fair competitions, but the real truth is Japanese transplants & companies (Honda, Toyota, Nissan, all) only benefit the US consumer as a (usually) quality choice, not the US economy. The profits go straight to Japan or home countries, only a few dollars get thrown in the US cup. Find the country of their headquarters and you find the profit center. What about all the US employees and their jobs you say? They could all work for a US car company as people do need cars. As you see the entire US economy crumbling, you will begin to understand patriotism can be practiced by buying products which most benefit the country that gave YOU the FREEDOM to choose in the first place.
Sorry for your Tundra troubles..well not really. As a Ford engineer for 20 years we know exactly what quality is built into every product, and what our competitors do. How can Freethinker try to spin this around to the American suppliers? Whoever's badge is on the grill gets the glory, or the pain. Do you know there is a good percentage of American parts on maintream Toyotas (new Tundra, Camry, etc) so wouldn't American suppliers be the reason for their success? The difference is design requirements and long term reliability standards, and there is a big difference in what Toyota expects from their trucks than Ford does. If you are not convinced, lets hear what NHTSA will be issuing on this.