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Hats off and congrats to Scuderi! At least they are pushing the envelope on engine technology. That's more than I can say for US auto companies who for the last 40 years have come up with what? Fuel Cell. Whoopi for fuel cell, where's the fuel? Oh fuel, that's not our job. We only design and build the cars. That's why GM is bankrupt, because their management went bankrupt a long time ago. They were thinking about their bonuses and yearly sales figures, not consumers, certainly not environment and definitely not practical matters like fuel. Scuderi seems like good ol Yankee ingenuity is alive and kicking. Probably because their management can think. That's hope there for a once giant industry.
Biomethane, DME, E5-E100, Methane, BioDiesel, H2, Ethanol, Methanol, shmetanol .... they are all great fuels. The reason that they are not implementable is because all alternative fuels are locked out of the economic cycle, owned by Big Oil interests. These are maintained by the auto industry by building engines that can run on only one fuel. Name the fuel, and they will build an engine around that fuel. The flex fuel engines work very well in Brazil where the economics and politics converge to make it happen. But an engine that can run any fuel or any blend will quickly empower the alternative fuel markets. They won't have to fight each other, its a collaboration. And please don't think that it can't be done. There is smart engine technology that is not being funded, for whatever reasons. We have not fully exploited the digital valves technology. The auto industry is still stuck on cam valves, 100+ year old technology. Our engines are driven by centuries old technology. This limits our engine designs and forces the industry to think and design in the box. ergo, our engines are all designed to run only one very specific fuel without damage. Mostly that is gasoline or diesel. No alternative fuels can get in on their own, too small a market for the auto industry, too unpredictable for the consumer to invest in - economic deadlock prevents alternative fuel suppliers from entering and thus they fight themselves for funding and investment. The answer lies in the design of an engine that runs any fuel, not just one. After all, they all basically do the same thing, only at different temperatures and pressures. Smart engines are programmable engines. There are designs not being funded, I've personally tried going through DOE and know of others that hit a brick wall there. It's not only possible, it's necessary.
This is fantastic news! When is it supposed to hit the municipal waste handling market?