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TOTALLY DOWN FOR THIS! ....but we definately need Lana's input if we are going to put this in to action
Hello, I am very interested in the following tracks: 1) Gimmie Sympathy (Tiesto Club Life Remix) 2) Help I'm Alive (1% Free Remix) 3) Help I'm Alive (Immunization Remix) 4) Piste 11 (Dead Rock N Roll) 5) Dead Disco (Guilty as sin Remix) 6) Dead Disco (Kylie Kills remix) 7) Dead Disco (Crunchy Moto Mix) 8) Glass Ceiling (John Hyde Remix) 9) Grow Up and Blow Away (Original Uncle Grant Remix) 10) Collect Call (Tom Wreks Remix) 11) Police and the Private (Star Guitar Remix) If you could tell me where to find these or upload them somewhere for me I would greatly appreciate it. In return I have many rare tracks and bootlegs (i.e. Combat Baby (demo), Sugar Mountain, The Gates etc.) that I can offer you, just not many "remixes".
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Oct 7, 2009