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Great read Pam! - This is exactly what marketing is all about. It's no longer a monologue its all about creating dialogue between the brand and the consumers. As a result, trust as you stated will be established which in turn will develop into a tribe.
When I read the quote "WE don't care how much you know, till we know how much you care." - My heart skipped a beat. That right there is what its all about. When it comes down to it; someone can know everything there is to know about lets say wine...but if they aren't passionate about it like say - Gary Vaynerchuk - then no one is really going to listen or let alone care. Behind every great success story is the story of a character chasing their dream while pursuing their passion. Great Post Pam - Definitely got the wheels turning upstairs.
Great post Pam, it hits the nail right on the head in regards to making a clear differentiation between the tools we use and the strategies behind them. So many people believe that social media tools such as Twitter and Linkedin are the end-all-be-all and ultimately the solution to their brand and marketing problems. However, that is not the case! Like you said "Thinking not doing is the first step to growing your business" - if people would just start THINKING before ACTING the results will be far greater down the road. If there isn't a strategy behind your tweets or blog you need to start coming up with one; plain and simple. And the list of questions that you've come up with is definitely a step in the right direction for anyone trying to establish a social media strategy - Keep up the great work.