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There is also the issue of "What do we do with Qik?" on the table.
Uh, Andy, Skype has been trying to get into the business market for the past two years, starting at Astricon 2008.....
Rumor? I believe this is fact. Shortly after the current FCC administration started making noises about changing the regulatory environment, Verizon said they were not starting "new" FiOS deployments. Needless to say, cities like Baltimore are Not Happy that they aren't going to get the latest shiny broadband offerings. The "rumor" part to this is that Verizon has slowed/stopped deploying new fiber builds because it's expensive to deploy fiber and the uptake on FiOS has not been as good as the company needs to get good ROI on the deployment expense. The true question is if Verizon has "halted" FiOS rollout until there is better clarity on the regulatory environment (or until the next set of Republicans roll into the White House) or if there is an actual real-money driver to the move. - Doug Mohney
Baltimore isn't on the map, but that's probably more indicative of the continued screwball relationship between Sprint's Xohm and Clearwire.
Typically people IPO and then go use the (now public) stock to buy another company. Trying to acquire another company within an IPO filing period (rather than acquiring a company that has filed or an IPO, to be clear) sounds like a big pain in the neck since you'd have to redo and re-file a lot of paperwork very quickly.
Toggle Commented Apr 23, 2010 on Is Broadsoft Buying Tango Networks? at VoIPWatch
You have to remember that after the dot.bomb phase of IPOs, everybody (well, PR types) got more conservative. Add in the "What is social media?" factor and confusion reigns. The problem is that you can't appear to be hyping the stock/IPO, otherwise you end up in the penalty box (fines, delay of IPO), but you CAN continue to conduct normal business operations. Let's say, for instance, that Mitel put out about 3 press release a month on average. If they started putting out 3 press releases a week just before an IPO, well... I'm also not sure if there are significantly "different" rules for Canada than the U.S...
Dongle should be USB, so it's a matter of someone getting around to write/hack software. Shouldn't be that bad; Mac and Linux support should come out at the same time.