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what about us vegetarians?!!! There are two TOFU fabrics :)
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What!!!! I spent the last three days working through my concept and testing it on my grandchildren--They were very excited, as I'd fiqured out away to get them involved in my fabric design interest. We held a huge family event around it--voting and eating pizza. When I went to upload thw "winning" design, I saw this was an April Fools...LOL!!--April Fools's April Fools. LMAO!--Just had to pull your leg back a bit.
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I too adore these contests and take pleasure in the challenge of them. As, without them, I would not have been able to push myself past times when I lacked much needed motivation. I believe the challenge with these "contest" is that people have diverse perceptive and reasons for why they, there are several reason that would motivate, inspire, or enthuse participation---a sense of community, a drive for competition, a need for exposure, the joy of receiving a freebie, and many, many more. Hence, what a person may take away from the experience in then end will differ. Also, I liked the fact that you "recommended" people purchase a sample proof of their design before posting them in the contest. If there was an area for “enforcement” I would vote for this. Since, in my opinion, minimally a contestant should commit to reviewing their creations first hand, before having others purchase their winning design.
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I like the spoon idea, but you can expand it to "cookware" to keep it interesting. I idea of narrowing it to something so specific like "spoons", flowers and etc...seems limiting. I also like the world fabrics idea.But if we are going to continue with holidays...I thinks it's best to keep them to be more thematic to the month, as oppose to the day. There are lots of holidays in each month and other special days to many of our diverse spoonflower members. So, something like, October Spoonflower Member Special Days Contest...who knows...we might learn something.
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