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ADORABLE fabric! I would love it in linen/cotton!!!
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Fun article! Iron - must remember! I adore that camera bag. So cute!
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I like the doll panel fabric idea, but I think there would have to be a 2-week warning for more creativity and quality designs, perhaps. As a former teacher, I like the idea of "handwriting" (which could go in a number of directions) and also love the idea of numbers/letters. I think there will still be a host of entries, even with obscure contests, because they are so much fun!!! :) What about: "lime" (color or fruit), "llamas" (what's not to like about llamas, except maybe spitting?), "sounds," "music," "rockabilly," "A B C," "learning to read" (in honor of back-to-school), "cardinals," "fabric designs using grids," "diversity," "red tape," "planes, trains, & automobiles," "turtles," "books," "vintage toys" (without logos), "snails," "love" (and you can't use hearts)... Maybe none of these ideas sound good to anyone but me! :)
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