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Nice. Funny thing is, the WSJ audience isn't the audience that uses GD...
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Don't you think this has more to do with the fact that an MBA can earn significantly more money in almost any other discipline than HR? Think about it. If a person wants to move into HR from another discipline, gets an MBA to further their skills (maybe with a concentration in HR), spends $10k-50k on a degree, graduates, and in HR we expect them to take an entry level position making peanuts? Really? We tell every other department to go out and find the best fit, pay what it takes to get them. Not in HR. Usually, we have a $30k/yr employee screening out candidates who could bring $100k/yr talent. I don't think most companies HR staffs want MBA's in their department. It might upset the old applecart. That's why we don't really focus on the things that would lure them from finance, marketing, M&A, etc.
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