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Interesting comments about the cost of activity/attractions etc. in New Zealand. As an Auckland tour operator (serving 99% international market), we hear this feedback repeatedly...I'm sorry to report! I'm not going to make any excuses as to reasons "why"...the increasing cost of fuel?, our Gst (which is due to increase from 12.5% to 15% from 1 Oct)?, vehicle re-licencing costs?, and the list might go on. Are we also just panning the way for the Rugby World Cup?...which is down-right unfair! I know high prices are a turn-off to tourists taking tours (which reflects the down-turn in our tourism industry), and with much more competition between tourism providers it's a vicious circle. Tourists should do homework beforehand; (review websites have good information), and be looking at *value for money*, rather than looking at just the price. I don't see prices going down in the short term or near future, but sourcing a fair price for your excursion would make it more appealing?
Kia Ora Mark & Gang... Further 'instructions' on how to eat a Tim Tam... Try this; "The Tim Tam Straw" On diagonal corners, bite off a small piece... [you are allowed to eat this!] Now, place the lower bitten-off corner into your hot drink (coffee works best!). Slowly suck the coffee up into the Tim Tam (like you would use a straw). Remove the Tim Tam & place the WHOLE biscuit into your mouth... Result...gooey, creamy, and very addictive!! Just as well there are a few in the packet.
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