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A step in the right direction but still needs some 'tweaking'. Separate queues for various family members would help considerably, I've seen this request from numerous users and have been requesting it for about 5 years now. Since we don't have that option as of now I have to have a separate "stream only" account for the kids but at $8 it's still cheap so I'm not complaining about the cost rather that I have to log in and out of various accounts to manage them which is a hassle. One other issue to be resolved is that National Geographic and other such shows rated NR (not rated) often are not allowed to be streamed on the "PG" setting which is silly. A show about sharks should not be considered unwatchable on a PG setting and there are many, many shows that fall into this category. In the settings tab, NR (not rated) shows and documentary need to be included for PG viewing, otherwise viewers are missing out on a WHOLE LOT of content.
I've been asking for this for 5 years. At my child's age I'd love it if they considered that your average 12 year old is going to be turned off by Blues Clues on their home pages. So... Maybe a few options for age groups i.e. 3-5 4-7 8-10 and 11-13. I still don't want my 12 old accessing rated r yet but so many things are "not rated" and therefore not accessible to the PG setting. This needs to be fixed.
to Lee Miller: no, not yet. I've asked this question of customer service numerous times and was told "that's a really good idea" so hopefully if we all keep calling and requesting the option of multiple queues they will eventually enable it. I have 2 Netflix accounts specifically to deal with this problem. I don't want my adult account limited to rated PG but I don't want my young kids to be watching rated R either. Plus, each account has well over 200 items in the "watch it now" instant queue and it's a pain for our kids to cull through all our stuff and vis versa when looking for something to watch - so the only option was 2 separate Netflix accounts - are you listening Netflix? LOVE your service but better management of accounts would be great - I'd be will to pay a fee just to be able to manage multiple queues on one account.
Yep, I've got 2 accounts. One for my spouse and I (that includes rated R content) and one for the kids that has a parental restriction on it of PG. The adult account has dvd delivery as well as streaming and the kid account only has streaming to their devices (Ipods and Wii). I've told customer service several times that being able to manage multiple queues on the same account would make family's lives easier and being able to use a pass code to lock out content on the same account would be VERY helpful instead of managing multiple accounts. It has nothing to do with money, simply being able to manage one account with multiple queues would be very helpful. One downside to limiting an account to PG is that many, many National Geographic specials are not rated and therefore not able to be seen on the PG setting which makes the kids account limiting in that aspect.