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I hate the exercise I miss when I'm sick too. Once you get moving and realize how good you feel doing it (and after), it's hard to take time off when you and your body really need it. I got extra in this weekend at a pond hockey tournament & feel like I might have some sniffles just because of it - but it was oh so worth it!
Toggle Commented Jan 10, 2011 on Happy New Year at Cathy Zielske's Blog
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I think you'll love the new program. I compared Points & calories & kept finding myself way over in points & under in calories ultimately under eating no matter what the points said. I love the new program! It's much more healthy based.
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I have a friend I've tried to explain this to who is still not getting that the available time is about the choices. Yes, I'm up at 5am to workout & in bed around 9pm but I'm not watching every reality show, I'm selective about which I choose if any & they are all tivo'd. And I have time now to exercise, scrap, read & play hockey. Voilà!
Toggle Commented Nov 17, 2010 on How do you find the time? at Cathy Zielske's Blog
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I started running last year after doing a boot camp class where they "made" me run. Found out I liked it too. I started using the Podrunner intervals that go from day 1 to 5k and the electronica music just moves me. Nothing to sing to, but the beat is perfect. I've found a few websites with beat counts for other songs and loaded up my faves now too. Oddly, my playlist ended up with a lot of Nickelback and Linkin Park but one song in particular really gets my feet moving - Gaslight Anthem's "The '59 Sound." And I headed back to boot camp to get moving a little faster too. The best payoff of all this? This "old lady" is keeping up with the young 20-somethings and skating past them on the hockey rink. Oh yeah, and had the most goals in one season ever this year...
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go Cathy! go Cathy!
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Great goals Lain. Yoga in a class is so much more fun than a DVD, especially with a good teacher. With your love of books, do you participate with It's a great way to share books and have new ones to read too while keeping that stash down. I have one goal so far for 2010. Patience. It's my one word. It game to me in a game before a power play. Coach called a time out, sent the other 4 of my line out and called me, the center, back. All he said was "patience." And it came to me. I need more patience in everything, not just the power play. Patience paid off then with a goal on the PP. Maybe it will pay off in many other areas too this year.
Cathy- we're all pretty much on this journey of taking care of ourselves together. I like to remind my family that I need to take care of myself in order to take care of them better. As a LT WW member not at goal, I know your journey well. WW follows the food pyramid and is one of the healthiest plans out there. It helps to find your "whys" of what gets us where we are. So much of this we are now seeing on Biggest Loser too - that we have reasons to overeat beyond the enjoyment & availability of the food alone. I have had to up the activity & I'm normally pretty active. I've taken up jogging/running thanks to a crazy boot camp class I took. What I've found to push me is the Podrunner intervals that I've downloaded. Beats all my favorite music. Peggy
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I've always wondered how you found time for all the reading. Even with my kids grown, I only get to read on weekends. Great post!
Toggle Commented Jan 29, 2010 on 5 Ways to Be a Multitasking Mom at Five Things
You go girl! As a LT WW member I know finding motivation isn't always easy until you do it for a lifestyle change & for yourself first. The side effect will be that as a mom those healthy habits will rub off onto your family. Change isn't easy but it will be worth it because you are!
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