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Well, food miles is all people have got, until there is a carbon price. Without it, there is no effective way to price in the environmental degradation (global warming) caused by fossil fuels in all its guises. So can we as a species, be smart than yeast?
Toggle Commented Jan 1, 2012 on Eat Global, Not Local at Ben Casnocha: The Blog
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I don't know why people bitching about pollies going early and the costs of by-elections. The point is that running a democracy costs money and as a general rule, the better you run it, the more it costs. These Liberal by-elections are removing 'dead wood'. The more 'new blood' in the parliament, the better. Lets hope the internal body politic of the Libs allows the best candidates to be selected. The lesson of the current government is that the next Liberal PM & Deputy PM could very well enter parliament in these by-elections or at the next federal election!
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