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David Levy
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i just made a recipe from Faye Rose Birnbaum Levy's "Book of cakes" (not the complete title) and she had reduced the amount of suger to a quarter of a cup. I added an extra one and it was fine. It's amazing what happens to the zucchini. It just disappears into the textire of the cake.
Toggle Commented Jul 23, 2010 on Zucchini Bread at Once Upon A Chef
This looks absolutely delicious. Beets are being rediscovered and have been seen in many different new recipes. I will try this one ASAP!
Wow! What a great bunch of questions. 1)I read "The Joy of Cooking" and did enjoy it. however my mom kept a copy of Adele Davis' first cookbook around. Also Fannie Farmer was there too. 2)Even though I was exposed to all of the usual suspects around the 1960's and '70's, I think that the one book that really changed it for me was "The Tassajara Bread Book". Also I remember being fascinated and loving the Time Life series on foreign cooking. Later I picked up a copy of "A Thousand Recipe Chinese Cooking at Home" (I'm not sure if this is the title but it was a classic}. Paula Wolfert's book on Moroccan food became one of my favorites. Also anything by Anne Willans on French cuisine. My Dad gave me a copy of "Larousse's Gastronomique" when he realized my strong interest in French basics. Don't forget Julia Childs. 3)The criteria for a good cookbook have changed over the years. I like a cookbook that begins with a simple premise or idea, such as "this is a book about noodles". I do enjoy good food photography that makes it look tasty. layout is very important as well. I enjoy it when the author writes in a familiar way and allows you some leeway in your choice of ingredients. My favorite right now is Dorrie Greenspan's "From My Kitchen to Yours'. 4)I enjoy all types of cookbooks and try to keep up. I would like to see more written that explain processes and procedures yet allow you to insert the fresh ingredients available at that time of year. I do like ones that are colorful and gaudy and are over the top as well.
Toggle Commented Apr 17, 2010 on What Cookbooks Influenced You? at Viet World Kitchen
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This looks absolutely delicious.