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Feb 22, 2013
Wow- I had never heard of Creativebug! Thank you for introducing me. I am fabric challenged so I'm looking forward to learning to do more with fabric. All the classes look great- Liesl Gibson's Linen Caftan class just caught my eye tho! Rita aka discodog01
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Question #1: My favorite doll is a Raggedy Ann doll that I received sometime around the age of 5. I used to dress her up in various doll clothes that my mom bought or brought home for me- many of them little handmade knitted clothes that she'd get from her artsy friends. I still have Raggedy Ann- she is missing both arms (!) and one of her legs is nearly ripped off (hanging by a tiny strip of fabric) and she's naked except for one of those little knitted sweaters from eons ago. But despite her lack of limbs and clothes, she sits proudly on my bookshelf in my craft room, prodding me on to creativity! Question 2: I just recently completed a 30 canvases in 30 days art challenge and when I look at my results I have to smile because I am so proud of myself for trying to draw- faces no less! I have never had any confidence in my drawing skills and in fact used to joke that even my stick people were difficult to discern as stick people! But for this challenge I just decided to take the bull by the horns so to speak and try my hand at drawing, teaching myself the spacing of facial features by referring to photographs, etc. It was so much fun! And I enjoy how they turned out!
I second the suggestions of skulls, mermaids, abstract, paisley, goth, retro, fairy tales, mythology- all awesome suggestions! I don't know how "narrow" of a theme any of them are, but I like them. Also, what about Wild West, Fish, Faces, Monsters, Masks (I'm thinking something ala Mexican Wrestling masks!), Film, Doodles, Science (I'm thinking diagrams, #s, etc), Architecture (incl. blueprints), Numbers (rulers, etc), Zodiac signs, Geishas, Pop Art..... OK I'll shut up now. :) Rita
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