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Never worked with curves before! The upper left quilt reminds me of Hopscotch for some reason. I would love to learn how to interperet the things I see and put them in quilts!
Hi Nicole! I was wondering if you could share with me the quilting pattern's maker of the "Daisy Pattern" you had Mary quilt for you back in July? I don't know how to reach you other then here. Thanks, Carol, the jewelry bag girl.
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Joanna, I love the Mill House Inn Line! And yes, looking at the picture you have here, it does make you want to have a baby!!! I have a favor to ask. I have several quilts that I need quilted and cannot find a person that quilts that I trust. You are in the business and you would know more about what to ask, who do you go to, what do you ask, what is a fair price, do they love doing that kind of work. So if you could lead me to a quilter, or know someone who can I would greatly appreciate it. I live in CT. Any suggestions at this point would be greatly appreciated. I am disabled and I want to get these done for my daughters for Christmas. They are the first designers quilt BOM from 2009 Fat Quarter Shop. Thank you, Carol Radcliffe
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