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Donovan: Thanks to Inkophile's blog, I just discovered your terrific organization and am delighted to start reading your posts (new and old). I'm learning that there is a whole subculture of folks interested in handwritten notes and letters. I feel so passionately about this topic that I started a Facebook Group called "Revive the art of personal note writing!" (Yes, the irony of an online group for an offline activity did not escape me). I'd love to have you and your readers join us, and I will definitely be telling my members about your organization:
Plans for 2010: Both for the Shenandoah Community Foundation and for my own small business, I plan to create a Facebook Fan Page and start a blog. Why you think these 7 books will help you: These books will help guide me creating the authenticity and connectivity I want to convey and teach me how to add as much value as possible to any content I share through these media. If I won these books, I would also write a book review on each one. These reviews would be shared with all our sister community foundations throughout Virginia as well as with the International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs, for whom I am a writer/editor. These messages need to be heard. Thank you for this opportunity!
The Shenandoah Community Foundation ( has not yet dipped its toe in the social media waters, but we're about to. Many other community foundations in Virginia and beyond are using social media successfully and finding that it offers wonderful tools for executing their strategy of "connecting people who care with causes that matter." The investment is almost completely time, not money, and often volunteers can be recruited to help.