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This only tracks website watching, so no real info about Hulu Plus subscribers (like myself) watching multiple hours a week on devices. Same with Netflix on devices though. :-/
I just think the inability to contact support without making a voice phone call is the real issue. Unless they've reimplemented the online support option and I'm just missing it?
I saw that apparently a number of people would sign up for Netflix if they'd revive the show Firefly. I believe that if Netflix were to pick up shows that are popular but not among mainstream audiences, but more technically savvy ones (Chuck, Party Down, etc) then they could increase nerd membership perhaps.
Netflix Canada has an option to use lower quality streams to reduce bandwidth, it'd be nice if net admins could contact them and get that flag turned on for anyone using their network. I suggest they call and see what can be done.
You're kicking YOURself? I bought some in 2009, I think like 5 or 10 shares (it was $20 then), and I sold them when it went down to $18 or so. I didn't think it was gonna go up. Last year I looked, over $100, I thought that was crazy. Over $200? My god, man, crack open your piggy bank.
I'd like to see a way for them to notice that I'm returning 2 dvds in the same mailer for them to save on return postage. If more did that, they'd save a ton of money and we'd reap the benefits. Hopefully.
People have proven that they are interested in content à la carte by purchasing DVDs of HBO TV shows. Shut up, HBO.
That messes up my "swap the discs so that one from a nearby facility goes to a far away facility" plan :(
Have you considered just buying MeetApp's code from the author?
I would like to see the list. I've seen tons of references, but no links to the list.
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