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I don’t claim to know all the details of this particular battle and gaming. It’s just too easy to get caught up in the details and lose sight of the fact that it’s all for naught. This kind of gaming belongs in the casino not in the heart of our economy. The tragedy is that so much effort is going into inflicting harm on ourselves by denying us the ability to use what we already have by locking it solidly within the grasp of bizarre and counter-productive models created be economists and lawyers. It reminds me of the days at Interactive Data when we replaced the virtual machine I/O [input/output] emulation with direct calls to the operating system thus improving efficiency by a large factor, perhaps hundreds. To “compensate” those new operations were priced to match the old costs measured in seconds. Thus an I/O loop could run up a bill that charged you for far more “seconds” than what would be on the clock. At least it was simple and consistent unlike the telecom games that economists play. We’re doing our damdest to stay mired in 1800’s telegraphy no matter much it is at odds with reality. The danger of this kind of gaming is that it discourages rational investment and rational policies. Where is the FTC when we need it – shouldn’t it be questioning such harmful practices? I expect less of the SEC. We need to remember that back in the early 1980’s ATT predicted voice revenue would go to zero. It’s thirty years later and rather than ask why we are still paying for voice bits we seem to punishing those expose a system that is structurally corrupt. Why are we so intent on punishing ourselves? Is there anyone at the FCC who is willing to stand up and say that this whole system is dysfunctional and harmful? Of course that raises the question of why the FCC’s entire Regulatorium?
Toggle Commented Oct 10, 2009 on A Waste Of Money, Time and Words at VoIPWatch