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Actually I take it back, going through more of her stuff, most of her colors look fine, only some pictures seem quite oversaturated.
Count me in as someone confused by her award. I looked at her site; she takes good pictures for sure, but I'm not seeing what makes her particularly special. Would I be able to pick her out of 10 other PJs? I'm also not a huge fan of her color, she's in Velvia over the top land as far as color saturation goes.
My only issue with any of this is that I have had 2 Canon compact cameras, one I used and one I used then gave to my girlfriend. Both have failed within 2 years, being repaired by extended warranty. There seem to be an awful lot of known failure modes with an awful lot of Canon cameras (like the A80 and the SD870 that I have experience with). I don't know if any other manufacturers are better; I have an LX3 and will see how that goes.