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Spring Robin
Salisbury, NC
Cross stitcher/custom framer/ shop owner/great wife and daughter
Interests: reading, cross stitch, running my fabulous shop!
Recent Activity
Wait....I think I had that outfit in the 80's! Ha!! Sabrina is adorable. How fun to be young and silly!
Toggle Commented Apr 19, 2012 on 99-Cent Couture at PLUM STREET SAMPLERS
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Thank you Paulette for this lovely post. My shop is called "Spring Robin" because of my love for these birds, and for the fact I was named after them. They symbolize strength and hope for me, and I hope your friends will receive both of these in their grief. You have such a beautiful spirit, and I thank you again for sharing it with us. I love you, girl!
Toggle Commented Feb 28, 2011 on Beginning at PLUM STREET SAMPLERS
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Your doggies are adorable, but spoiled rotten, just like mine! I would love to win Boris, and my dogs, Chester and Brandy would love a treat! Thanks for the opportunity to win the goodies!
Toggle Commented Oct 7, 2010 on Dog-gone Giveaway at PLUM STREET SAMPLERS
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Very pretty decorating, Paulette! I just LOVE Halloween! You're lucky to have all of the models to decorate with. I would have some too, if I would stitch faster!
Toggle Commented Oct 5, 2010 on W.W.M.D.? at PLUM STREET SAMPLERS
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What a fun day with a bunch of silly people:) You all are adorable, and so lucky to be able to have these fun days together! Happy Fall!
Toggle Commented Oct 2, 2010 on Bumpkin Fun at PLUM STREET SAMPLERS
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What a stunning photo of the leaf in the snow! Great photography, Paulette!
Toggle Commented Oct 12, 2009 on Winter's Wink at PLUM STREET SAMPLERS
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What a beautiful young lady! I can't believe it snowed there. I'm glad she was prepared. She was definately the prettiest girl there! We are still wearing summer clothes here in NC! It was 80 degrees yesterday.
Toggle Commented Oct 11, 2009 on Homecoming 2009 at PLUM STREET SAMPLERS
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