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Larry Rivera
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yoyo, You will never…Never, ever convince them! The most dangerous disease that is infecting America and one that no universal health care plan can cure is the sickness that manifests itself in the thoughts and beliefs of the American Right…especially the Religious Right. We will never have any form of a national health plan in this country. We will always be a savage nation, because of the corruption this sickness brings to our society. They simply can’t understand the notion that is the underpinning of a universal health care plan. It is as foreign to them as mathematics is to a jungle beast. All they know is the meanness of the market place: the harshness of their desert God; the reptilian truth of their madness. That is why these creatures are so dangerous. They do not have the same mind (maybe its evolutionary) as one who can grasp the correctness; the righteousness of the self-evident concept that a government exists to protect its people. They are the komodo dragons of the human population. And they would be pleased by the comparison. If there is a God, perhaps they are his judgment on the rest of us. A punishment for weakness; a punishment for sloth; for the stupidity that lets them infest us; and finally for the sin that we allow them to exist at all. Larry Rivera Los Angeles, California U.S.A.
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