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Cheuas, I like how you think and good point on leadership. People who "act" to be leaders without properly acquiring it or at least have the passion to be one, should not hold positions like he does. Get him out of there before he does more damage which unfortunately the people will pay for his mistakes. He needs a timeout!Put someone who is respected and trusted by the people. Abuse of power such that Cio displays publicly, does not contribute to anything good for him or the people, or the country of Palau. How can we improve our country when we can not improve within ourselves as human beings. Whatever his frustrations and stress , it sounds like he needs a time-out and rethink what he stands for a person. What he can contribute before he rolls himself in more mud. Replace him with one that people respects and trusts so that others can learn from this situation, thats how we learn and grow.
Commented Sep 22, 2009 on Open Thread LXXVII at okedyulabeluu
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Well put Santy. Perhaps OEK senators and delegates need to review what Democracy means. Just by reading the summary of this topic , I'm led to believe that some members are using the feudal, top down, military style command of communication that will only hinder Palau progress to full democracy. In effect, people who we trust to help the country move forward will go backwards or fall flat. Ke Mesulang Santy.
Toggle Commented Sep 20, 2009 on Ngerulmud Let Me Be Free at okedyulabeluu
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