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Hi, Thanks for the info. I tried that already but still no effect :) I have to check out my configuration once more. Does changing to Fixed and back reset the NMP settings somehow? What kind of performance are you getting btw? Andy
Hi, Thanks for the great post, this helped me a lot to go after performance on our MSA2012. I set up the NMP and Jumbo Frames. Now I got a weird problem. Before I changed the iops parameter I got following readings in my performance test (just used dd on a VM): BS=8192k, Count= 1000 Write 109MB/s Read 102MB/s BS=512k, Count=10000 Write 121 MB/s Read 104MB/s BS=64k, Count=100000 Write 111MB/s Read 105MB/s Then I started to play with the following: esxcli nmp roundrobin setconfig --device naa.something --iops 3 --type iops BS=8192k, Count= 1000 Write 86,7 MB/s Read 90,9MB/s BS=512k, Count=10000 Write 92,4 MB/s Read 86,1MB/s BS=64k, Count=100000 Write 87,9 MB/s Read 96,2MB/s So I decided to switch back to the original 1000 setting. But now I cannot get the same write performance anymore! Is there something that I have missed here? Should I somehow change something else as well in addition to the iops parameter? Best regards, Andy