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What a joke, and a piece of crap. True or untrue I would expect better from Benjamin Fulford, but perhaps my trust is misplaced. I have been watching closely to see if Fulford's contacts really know their stuff or not because if the Fed does collapse on September 30th - Fulford is one to listen to. But if he's staked his reputation on some crap that tunes out to be a load of total crap - then guess what? And even before the 30th here contained in this post is an advanced crap warning! Makes me doubt if we'll see anything happen to the Fed at all. At least we won't be waiting around until 2012 to realise that Ben is Ful of it. It's important to share useful information - but to share information that is not useful is a waste of our time. Who wants to listen to a waste of time? Fulford's followers will be known for being just that if he doesn't smarten up. We attract what we are. Says something about where I am in life too, I know.