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If consistent, the 2013 Leaf EPA range would be 82 miles, not from 73 to 75. What can Nissan contest as the EPA rates ALL their future cars as well? Eight(8)% annual improvement is vastly better than almost 3%. Which percent will people put their money on? "It has to do with friction, aerodynamics, and combustion efficiency. Huge advances have been made in all three of these areas in the past 30 years." And the article is about "..clarifies benefits of lightweighting", yet - despite the 'friction, aerodynamics, and combustion efficiency. Huge advances' - where's the "Huge advances" in MPG. Perhaps one shouldn't gloat about automaker "friction, aerodynamics, and combustion efficiency.. Huge advances.." The fastest 'aerodynmics, etc' advances are on a Blackbird Mach 3+ jet first flown in 1962.
@Bernard, perhaps part of this discussion is not technical nor really debatable: The EPA changes it's mpg testing rules. The public is left comparing apples and oranges. You did not drill the many levels down to each model year and variant on and compare to the clear site Honda mpg lists I provided - WHY? Because you would still be working on it and, as you say, "I must admit that the obfuscation is working."
Nissan has the capacity to produce over a thousand Leafs a day - many just waiting on a better battery chemistry. The US JCESR exists to produce a 5X:1/5 cost batteries in five years(4.5 left).
Some of millions from 'Tesla profit' search.. It must be (only) the Fox News entertainers saying 'Romney won' 'Tesla lost' again..
@sd, Tesla is making money(all COTY 2013 production already sold) and many companies have investments from/in other companies.
"So Sorry, Coda, R.I.P! (Survival of the fittest!)"
With 'Fox-like' objectivity, it is hard to list 2000's ICE stocks performance.
"GM has worked with Ceres for more than two decades to refine its sustainability strategies and performance." via EV crushing and NiMH "battery shelving for Chevron?"?
Over doubling domestic lithium reserves could be very important.
50% more powerful, 50% less costly JCESR batteries are, by budget, due marketed this month.
HarveyD, Coda didn't own enough politicians for a 'mini-GM trick'.
Over 10% of the world's largest automaker sales are already hybrid -
Mainly for accessories '..all-LED lighting, Electronic Parking Systems, hybrid and regenerative braking, idle start-stop energy management, ..'
This relentless un-posting of comments(even just links) is getting old.
@kp,ep: "For whatever reason, the tech editor would not accept my post with the link and the words." - your not the lone ranger on un-posted posts. It is frustrating to see the work of researching and posting reasonable comments discarded. Else-wise, " "very confident" that by August 2014 it can start again issuing licenses for new reactors" means there is PRESENTLY A FREEZE. The Washington Post has 'The Pentagon Papers" online. The US was "very confident" also. The old [reactor] light at the end of the tunnel.. Nuclear employers should have a lot of $attaboys$ for your posts, but most people don't - including Senators. And ease up on the bad mouthing with your undergrad degrees. You may not know all my degrees or the university courses I've taught or the projects I've designed or how many decades of each.
Meanwhile, 2 HF solar systems power flight:
"..Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) asked the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (DFNSB) about the risks.."
Some posts are repeated. Others are removed, after posted and confirmed with URL reload. What's wrong?
Put it for sale and we can watch 600C charging.
@EP, "There is no honest reason for 75 separate nuclear plants to average costing 308 percent of their quoted construction cost. There's no honest reason for you to continue to assign blame to the industry when it is patently obvious that the guilty parties were the NRC, the courts, the Fed, and Congress. The first plants came in on time and budget. The builders did not change; the legal landscape did." In other words, everyone is patently guilty but the guys building the nukes and charging 307% of their contracted bid 75 separate times, accidentally profiting by much greater $billions.
France has 75% of it's electricity from ~40-year-old nuke plants. Just their own report above: "One reactor accident potentially costing 3 times the entire nation's GDP" was hidden, leaked, has them 'scared sh**less'. Fukushima disaster cleanup is budgeted A TRILLION yen, before the inherent historic multi-times nuclear cost overruns. Humanity can not afford ANY such costs or health risks - and past/present nuclear costs/deaths are ONLY PARTIAL - because there is NO solution to nuclear waste. Like the dozens of times nuclear bomb earth life overkill we paid to build, now pay to dismantle, so we can pay to build again - nuclear power is not necessary.