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Thanks for the short history lesson. I lived about a block and a half from this spot till June of last year. I commented on my way out of the neighborhood about the lack of standing historic spots. As a frequent visitor to Harlem during my college days, I was happy to see all the old signs and venues. No such luck nowadays. Thanks again.
Toggle Commented Jun 20, 2010 on Bogan's Corner at what about the plastic animals?
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How convenient Bloomie. You and your administration upheld marriage discrimination and only supported in 2005 as you already knew you would maneuver to overturn term limits. This is just slimy on so many levels. And you're running scared. You've already spent 10s of million$ and most polls have you with a SLIGHT lead over Thompson who JUST started airing TV ads. How pathetic.
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While I admire Paterson's honesty, he needs to shut the hell up sometimes. And his support for marriage equality was tepid, ill-prepared and probably has doomed it for another year or two, if not more. Gooniani won't win as too many Republicans hate him. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't even run. Paterson will somehow exit, Cuomo will get the Dem nod and barring some extremely embarrassing item, will be the next elected Governor of NYS. The Dems should be able to hold on to at least half of the legislature.
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