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I'll chime in and let you know I'm praying for you also . Love to you and your family.
Oh how great is our God! What an amazing story of healing. Teri, you are amazing. And don't even try to say otherwise ;) Love, nina
I just realized I've been holding my breath as I read this. I came here with tears welling - I just found out a dear friend has cancer - and now they're in my eyes about to overflow. I can't wait to read the rest.
What a beautiful view on Valentine's Day! I just love what Ian said about it - I have never thought about it that way before. And everything we do should be about loving Jesus. I am so grateful for little children! Beautiful post as usual Miss Teri. :)
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Freaking awesome Kevin! Wow. If there's one word I feel God telling me lately is FOCUS. I have information ADD and am constantly moving on, moving on to the next book, podcast, article, blog, whatever. It's my excuse to not take action, because taking action is scary! I read the 4-hour workweek recently and the "information diet" keeps coming back to me. And it's a relief to step back and not take so much in. And I've been more productive. What a concept :) It's hard to ship when you're buried under content.
Writing down snippets of it to memorize and carry with me helps. I think I can remember 2 verses per week. Actually, it didn't take very long to remember Psalm 1 - it's just doing it.
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I needed this so much. Thank you. And James, I love it. I've had a tiny part of it memorized for a while because I just love what it says about trials. I memorized Psalm 1 a few months ago after listening to a woman who's memorized a lot of the Bible do an interview on Revive Our Hearts. Memorizing Titus is on my 2011 goal list...but I haven't started. So now I will. I'm in. I'll help hold you accountable. Love to you and the family, nina
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That would be so fun!
Oh I love you and your authenticity! I wish I was there...I would love to meet you. I'll get to one of those events this year. Have fun, breathe, enjoy.
Ah, I totally understand what you mean about the big production. My biggest hang up is that I must not be following the Lord right if I'm not doing something big and amazing. But, I do love the thought you put into your writing. Reading it always makes me smile. :)
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Have you listened to the Calling classes? I'm listening to the third one where Gary talks about calling and roles and how must because a man is a father (his role) does not mean that that is his calling. It totally spoke to me and made me think of you.
First of all, you are freaking amazing. So there. But, I get it. Ian tells me all the time that I'm a great wife and mother and that I'm doing so much for our family but I still feel like something is missing. Not that I am discontent, but the way I felt when I only had three kids and was not yet pregnant with the fourth but I still kept looking around for the fourth child because I felt like one was missing. I don't know what it is, but I don't have it and it's incredibly frustrating when people tell you how wonderfully made you are and don't get what you are trying to say. That's how I feel anyway. And second, don't get me started on Ann's posts. Oh my goodness. They're amazing. Especially today's. I needed it SO badly. Love, nina
Thanks for the comment Kevin. Yes, I'll definitely share this in the Fitness group.
Well said, Kevin. I just wrote about this regarding my weight loss. I didn't start working out regularly and eating better until I just couldn't stand the "when's your baby due?" comments anymore. Ouch, they sting. I thought of your dad when I wrote it, too, the story he tells frequently about the man's dog that won't stop laying on the nail. Anyway, keep spreading the truth. Nina
Teri, This has been my goal for a few years now. We are decreasing the number of gifts we give the kids and each other each year - much harder for me than the kids. The goal was three, but after this year I think it should be one or two. My girls absolutely loved two of their gifts, as did our oldest. The baby was just pleased to try to open everyone's presents :). I'd like to try what you and Kevin do - one from daddy and mama and one from a sibling. I did almost every gift homemade this year for everyone else - but I was pretty spent. Making the gifts was fun, but the stress wasn't. And I felt like I missed out on a lot of family time. I'd like to donate to Gospel for Asia, Compassion International and Bethany Christian Services in family members' names again next year - whose names we draw, that is. And maybe we could bake cookies or something as a family to give. But presence instead of presents; that's defintely one of my passions. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures. Love, Nina
I'm sorry he's been so sick. For both of you. Isaiah has been getting up at all hours of the night with teething and I have just had it these last few nights. I've been pretty snippy with my husband and I just don't want to be a pacifier anymore!!! Why does he have to be getting three teeth at once? Sometimes mothering a little baby can be so frustrating. I saw the title of your post and said, "oh yes, please!" I'll be praying for you and Nekoda.
Oh what a sweet, sweet boy! After Isaiah was born, Ian was done having babies. I was, sort of. Since I was sixteen, I've had a strong desire to have four kids - 2 boys and 2 girls. I knew I would have them and I wanted to have them by 26. And I did. I'm pretty sure God was behind that one. It was a pretty lofty goal. :) But even after having the fourth, it was so hard after Ian had a vasectomy. So final. But I'm excited to see them grow and enjoy the new stages they go through. God has placed a strong desire on my heart for adoption, too. I can't wait to see what he has in store there. P.S. I think even if I wasn't a mom, I'd still read your blog. You just write so beautifully and are so transparent in your posts. Thank you!
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Kevin, Thank you for this. I may need to read it a few more times for it to really sink in. I think it's time to do something radical in 2011, for me anyway. Maybe a buying fast or something, because it's so easy to get into the "this thing is good, but I could upgrade to something better" mentality. I say my faith and family are my top priority, but is it truly?
Ugh. I needed that. A lot. My mouth just spews forth such nastiness sometimes, especially lately. Oh Lord, please help me to tame my tongue!
Being slow to anger and abounding in love is one of my biggest struggles. Ugh. Will I ever get it? I don't even know how often I pray to change and yet I still keep stumbling. Baby steps, I guess?
Praying for you and sending you some love my sister.
Toggle Commented Nov 9, 2010 on Hope Inside at Stumbling Around in The Light
Yes! We are officially down to just one in diapers! I am so excited - thanks for posting this Teri!
I seriously need to remember how I sign in to comment. I think it's different every time... This morning I had two blog posts alerts in my mail. The first one spoke about being a true woman of God and said this, "She is one who heeds the Word of God and her calling to love her husband, love her children, being devoted to her domain in the home, and seeking to mentor those younger than herself." I bucked against it. This is what I want to be yet at the same time I feel as if I'm missing out on adventure. With all of this laundry and diapers and schooling and chores I feel like there's got to be more. But then I got to your blog post and before I opened it I knew that it would go along with the same message as the first one. Of course it did. I love how God uses his woman bloggers to share His truth. Oh and you should be receiving a package from me soon. :)
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