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I think that you may both be right. N/Ng focuses on great intranets while the WIC focus on intranets in general and I believe that producing a great intranet involves a greater percentage of the employees - simply because a truly great intranet has become more complex. We ought to call these "digital workplaces" in stead... The problem is that many intranets are just that - intranets. Today they look like yesterday - or like they did 5 years ago and this is reflected in the size of the intranet team remaining the same. I would argue that the minute companies put emphasis on the intranet and try to unlock the potential of the digital workplace they will also increase the head count in the intranet teams.
Nice post Andrew! One question that begs asking: Are you ever done with developing your intranet? The day you are *done* with your intranet you either need to find a new job fast, or your company is going belly up (and you'll need to look for a new gig anyway)...
Very interesting experiement, but I can't help but think if it's a half baked PR stunt? IMHO, your managers misses (part of) the point. Chatter is essentially about making communication easier + reducing the burden of emails, so why not make this initiative much more ambitious. Summer is (usually) when business slow down so there will be fewer emails so there's time to experiment, but once the pace picks up again you'd better get back to answering those emails! Regardless of the above, I do look forward to read more about your experiences over the summer :-)
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Ehm... Isn't the comparison between Quora and 4sq a bit like comparing apples and oranges? I see some potential in Quora, but at the same time I also find it confusing and I think they need to do some structuring work to make it more useful - especially when the amount of information starts to grow. I have yet to discover the WIIFM. As with every other social network that can only be determined by using it.
This may sound old but...: Search. It ought to be a part of any decent intranet, but too many still neglect this. On ever growing intranets the ability to find relevant information is key.
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In my opinion this is a bit like the chicken and the egg. Inspiration from others either through networks, benchmarking, or something entirely different is inherently important since intranets exsist within organisations and is somewhat 'oblivious' to what happens outside the company. At the same time you need to show the actual value of your investment to prove that your are actually helping the organisation save money / work more efficiently / 'live' a strategic agenda / etc. In the end it all boils down to what you can help the organisation to achieve and it is hard to get around the fact that 'money talks'.
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Obviously things need to make things easier, be useful, and all that, but I see that as a given when talking about the future of intranets. Just last week I had a(nother) chat with a colleague about the Global/Local intranet, and in my opinion there is little doubt that intranets are moving in the direction of being more local/personal. You simply must be able to relate your everyday work to the stuff you find on the intranet. I coined the term "Closer to Me" (Company pay-off is "Closer to Nature") and I think this is something we should keep in mind when developing new stuff for the intranets.
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