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Ok John W, Orange it is!...maybe with black wheels just in time for halloween
Ford Ranger and Chevy Colorado are ancient …poor mpg, poor ride and noise control and when discussing small trucks, not in the league with Toyota. But all the new crop in this category, at nearly 4000 lbs (some 4,000 lbs+) and maybe a real world 21 mpg, there is certainly a huge hole for something. How about a lightweight (3,100 lbs) nice riding, durable 30+ mpg mini to midsized well powered diesel (or maybe new 2.0 eco-boost) truck…Mfg’s say there isn’t the sales #’s in their close to 4000 lbs, 21mpg small trucks… that cost almost the same price as full size--- Dah! Wonder why?. Ford and Chevy weren’t good when they were first introduced let alone being 10+ years old! … All mini trucks used to be sub-3,000 lbs and even with modern safety features (’04 Tacoma extra cab with anti lock and dual airbags, power everything is 3,100lbs without even trying to reduce weight!!).There is a huge hole if someone wants to fill it … this Mahindra isn’t it but they are on the right track.
It could be worse...could be orange. Myself, like so many are looking for a decent looking small to mid-size pickup with a strong motor, probably diesel and need to be a real 30+ hwy mpg vehicle ...this isnt it. Its really ugly and an untested brand out of two would kill it for me...two out of two makes it laughable.