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regarding needs rss feed for the releases. the current rss feed only shows your articles at the bottom.
No need for another queue. I have multiple computers around the house and it can be aggravating if the kids watched something on the xbox and the teen watched something from her pc and I am locked out on the main floor. Sometimes all I need is an additional stream
I use on my Roku. It can implement parent controls in its app but since NF does not allow for an embed player that app must launch NF to play the movie (where the same parental controls may not be in place). But I don't use MultiQs like this. I use it to catalog titles we might be interested in. I have a queue for non-kid movies, kid stuff, tv, edutainment, anime, etc.
The one I am seeing is with the netflix app on media center. Started about a week ago for me. When you reach the end of the show, instead of stopping and returning to the info screen, it freezes. Users have to kill WMC or reboot to get back to WMC eventually.
Needs an MC add-on.
Monsturd name says it all
They are talking about simultaneous streams.
So they can never find a movie an NF Watch Instantly?
I also use netflix with WMC. Doesn't work due to "authorization failure." I called them yesterday and they said it was a MS isse and that MS is working on it. NF work in the browser though.
My queue has been shuffling for awhile. If they continue to stick shows at the bottom, I can live with that. Regardless, I hate having to hit the down button 40 times to find the next show I need to watch. They need to have the episode listing in the Netflix for MC highlight the show you last watch so you need only hit down once.
With all the television released to watch instantly, it is way better than redbox. Regarding movies, well think of it like cable. 90 channels of nothing but at least have the foodnetwork.
Been with NF for years and have received on two broke DVD that I can recall.