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There will probably be an iPhone app sometime down the road …but I'm sure this was a priority.
Saturday can't come soon enough for me…
I had to report about a dozen or so titles missing in about a 1-year time period. I was getting so paranoid that Netflix was going to cancel my subscription thinking it was me. I contacted the post office (and Netflix) several times to see what the deal was. I haven't had one missing in the months since he got arrested.
1Password is at the top of my iPad app list. Looking great!
Toggle Commented Feb 17, 2010 on 1Password and iPad: Part 1 at Switchers' Blog
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Lovit I've got 2
Sorry to disagree with the people above (apparently you guys don't have Rokus, etc.), but an upgraded streaming library is freaking great news.
"It remains to be seen if they will be able to compete effectively with the ease, variety and cost of one of the best deals in America — Cable TV. " -------- I'm sorry, but CableTV is NOT "one of the best deals in America". Quite the opposite, in fact. The current practice of bundling a few decent channels with dozens of other filler channels needs to die. Apple, and pretty much everyone outside the cable industry realizes this. On-demand a-la-carte content is the future. Period. The providers that do this the best will profit heavily …the others will become irrelevant. Paying $40-$50 a month for access to "classic" (AD SUPPORTED and censored) content doesn't scream "deal" to anyone anymore.
The HD stream on my Roku was botched as well. (months ago) Just a bad encode they apparently haven't fixed yet.
30 is super expensive because they can't currently support a ton of users at that speed. I don't see myself needing more than 20 any time soon, but the upload needs to be raised to at least 3.
Also wondering what the pricing structure will be. I've been having trouble maintaining 20Mbps (last night I never got above 10) I'm just hoping when 30.0 comes out I'll be able to get my 20.0 consistently. I sure as heck won't pay more to get 22. …I won't pay more anyway And while I'm here …anyone else having issues with their Pace DVR recording tons of old/rerun episodes even though it's set to record only new ones? Dexter and The Soup are on constant record.