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This blog often makes me cry. I was, when I owned my PR firm in the 80's and 90's, one of the real estate industrial complex boosters, dependent for my living on that market. I made many assumptions that weren't true, because I had to feed my family. Only after I started a second career coaching startups and learned how hard it is for them in Phoenix did I come to realize why you write with such passion about people who were my clients and "friends." I don't comment because I have little to add; I was there for all of it, and it all went down just as you have said, from 1968 when I arrived until today. Happy New Year. It's a wonderful labor of love you perform here, Jon.
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You have captured my thoughts. I am disappointed and demoralized. The entire country has become Phoenix.
Toggle Commented Apr 7, 2011 on Four. More. Years. at Rogue Columnist
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FB has tried to solve this problem in many ways and has faiied. At first it was networks (I joined when you joined using my alumni address), and then it was lists, and now it's groups. So it's an acknowledged problem. With Twitter, it can be solved by different Twitter accounts ( I have four -- for dog lovers, entrepreneurs, geek friends and health care policy friends -- ) but that is time consuming. So is FB time consuming. LinkedIN also has groups for this problem. BUT groups don't work either. People are aspirational about joining groups. (I joined the SV network on FB because I wanted to get to know more people there after I bought my house), or they are looking for sales leads, or trying to meet a certain kind of person (a girl from an Ivy). In my case, where I like a broad spectrum of opinions, I wouldn't want to belong to a group of only one political party, or one part of the liberal/conservative specrum. Many networks have tried to tackle thiis: Ning, Meetup, Actives, etc. I love talking about the problem,and it's a killer business opp. More important, clearly you are now the OLDEST kid on the block, because you are still on Typepad. See you soon.
Great! Congratulations and what can I do to help??? Desperate to promote entrepreneurship for AZ jobs.
Toggle Commented Sep 24, 2010 on Governor Jan Brewer called me!! at Pat Sullivan Blog
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42 years in Phoenix and nothing to show for it. That's my story. This state, which when I got here was conservative, and somewhat bigoted against blacks, had, as Jon said, good bones. I worked with all the leaders who have died off, and they did want to build an economy. But the fact that Arizona is 70% public land was irresistible to people. "Land will be valuable, because there is no little private land to develop" became the mantra. It seemed to make sense. But I got involved in revitalizing downtown in 1980. I have focused on that in one way or another ever since. But it just didn't work. Arizona's failure makes ME feel like a failure somehow. I wonder how other long-time residents and natives feel?
Toggle Commented Aug 21, 2010 on Phoenix 101: The economy at Rogue Columnist
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Brilliant. fucking. Post. Except that I think AOL and EBay die. Yahoo struggles. amazon remains a front end for garden variety e-commerce. All LBS sites go away unless either they find meaning or...I belong by day to the ClUeless Grandmother Society and the Small Business Association and I guarantee it will take more than. $100m to get 10m users.
Nice new blog layout, Jon.Just came back to Phoenix from the Bay Area, where I've been for 4 months talking to smart people. Ran into Andy Conlin Sunday at LGO (much less crowded these days. He told me how the Goldwater Institute sued the City of Phoenix over City North and the case is to be argued in the Az Supreme Court on 9/30. Could put an end to the City's ability to do anything with taxpayer money for economic development. So why don't they just return the money to us and let us take our chances without more policemen?
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