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What a touching father son moment. Glad you are bonding and appreciating the moment. I lost my Mom four years ago and I just don't recall having these moments growing up. So it is great to see people enjoy them because they are precious.
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Another thing is not recognizing everyone in your organization as an equal. In some industries where the part time staff outnumbers the full time staff there is an informational divide. So allowing the part time staff to be part of the organization and allowing them the same content everyone else gets is critical in this digital age so they can evangelize the brand.
I think this is a great idea. People would definitely feel better about themselves having the interaction right off the bat. It will be more about them than you at this point because you are interacting with them in real time.
Well I am heckling the night crowd about joining our side of the block. They were wanting to join the Chicago and I mentioned us. Should be a fun week. I need to write a blog post myself about it. I am already uber tweeting about it.
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I totally agree. I had my blog but then I got totally sidetracked and I am trying to get to writing content regularly. One of my goals for 2010. I have been actively pursuing the rest and also attending networking events/tweetups and what not. Anywhere where I can meet people and volunteering at conferences seems to have been paying me off dividends.