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Thank you so much!! I hope you love your new solution!
I am another Google Calendar user but Cozi is a much prettier application. Good news is you can link them! So if your husband prefers the interface of Google, he can update there and it will automatically feed to Cozi! Both can be used via mobile device. I also like pen to paper, but find nothing gets updated as easily as the google calendar. Good luck!
looks great! I filled out the form :-)
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I love this! It sounds remarkably like my Raleigh neighborhood. Yay!
Our go-to meals are homemade mac/cheese and chicken and yellow rice. mac-n-cheese sauce is: 1/2 cup flour 1/2 stick butter 2 cups milk 2 cups extra sharp cheddar mix/microwave 5 min at a time stirring in between while the noodles cook. Serve with applesauce. Chicken and Yellow rice is just as easy! 1 bag Vigo Yellow Rice (saffron) cooked as directed 1 lb chicken cut into pieces and browned - add to rice when meat is cooked to infuse meat with spices Serve with green olives and avocado slices!
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Married, 1 dog, 1 7 month old son. A typical morning for us starts with Oscar waking around 7am. I then get up, get my contacts in and use the bathroom, go get him and sing the good morning song from Singin in the Rain. He kicks and smiles, I turn from an ogre into a real girl. Then he nurses and I change his diaper. Then I drop him off in our bed with daddy while I go check email and start coffee. By then daddy is up and putting O in his highchair for cereal/fruit. We eat, have coffee and then take the dog for a walk around the neighborhood. Come home and dad gets in the shower while I watch O roll around (and crawl!) on the floor with the Today show on in the background. By 9am, daddy is out the door and Oscar is going down for his first (of 2) nap of the day. I refill my coffee and come read ask moxie!