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Jay's comment is a good one. People talk a lot about portions of the legal function being outsourced. Areas of law where consumer self-help replaces work previously done by lawyers. "Less and less work is being done by lawyers" we hear and "more of it by other specialists." I welcome this as a lawyer. It allows me to (often) not deal with things that I don't enjoy anyway, and focus on things like advice and advocacy. In this vein, I'm more than happy to out-source work to the client. Client has someone who is infringing content. I give them the lay of the land, tell them to send a take-down notice, and depending on what happens, get in touch. If they are open to it, I just point them in the direction of the notice, give the instructions on how to fill it out, and offer to look it over. Client has the tools to be able to deal with the problem preliminarily. If it becomes an issue that needs to be escalated, I'm happy to help. There's a separate issue of people overall using lawyers less and less. I think this sort of ebbs and flows, and is driven by a variety of factors. There's always room for good advocates/counselors who solve problems for clients!
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