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I hit Makerfaire last year and it certainly got me thinking from a philosophical point of view. I kind of like a market where the value of your product is determined by how much "Joy of creation" it gives you.
Toggle Commented May 20, 2013 on Chasing Maker Gold at The CAD Insider
Jon, Let me say right now that its a level playing field. If more CAM companies want to partner with Solid Edge (and I hope they do) I'll be glad to help them do it. Mark
I loved the drafting table analogy. Too much of the gesture technology applied to CAD makes me think of hooking up my "dance dance revolution" mat to my CAD system. But those of us old enough to remember the drafting tables know you can sit at one of those for long hours. The total surface area blows away even a large PC monitor. Smugging is still a problem but at least it won't be on your design, just your desk :-)
Greg makes a good point. All FEA simulation results are wrong. Its just a question of how wrong.
I do think its interesting to watch the advancement here. Virtual World simulation - I hate to say "game" since the scope has gone beyond that - favor speed over accuracy so there is a difference like you point out. Dumbed down geometry is often used. Still, math is math. We just need faster CPU's. A good URL for more info is the Second Life Wiki which talks about their physics engine Heres a good Youtube video too: I'm looking forward to someday going beyond a "drop test" to things like "thrown across the room" test, and "drive it like you stole it" test.
I do think there is a difference from being shocking or confrontational and taking a stand. I went to a SM conference where a "take a stand" post was suggested as something good to do every few posts. I saw another analogy where blogging is like eating - sometimes you want a spicy meal. So, while I'm not interested in some blogger's rant, a blogger that takes a stand to stimulate a healthy debate is a good thing.
Toggle Commented Sep 22, 2009 on Bloggers Go to War - Readers Lose at The CAD Insider