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Lebara customer service is absolutely useless. I have a Norwegian Lebara Sim card and can text the UK. However, I cannot receive any text from the UK. When talking to customer service they just blame the UK carrier and say that the UK sender have to contact their customer service. However, in my case I cannot receive text from neither Vodafone, T-mobile or o2. In other words all the major carriers appart from Orange (which I assume does not work as well)
I bought a Lebara SIM in Norway but for some reason I cannot receive sms from neither T-mobile nor Vodafone when sent from the UK. I contacted customer service whom were less than helpful and immediatly dismissed it as a problem with the UK carriers. Guess I will need to swich carrier soon as what is the point of having a phone if I can't use it as intended.
Toggle Commented Oct 14, 2009 on Lebara review at The UK Mobile Report