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I'd love to see a Spanish club. Not Barcelona or Real Madrid, but something along the lines of Valencia, Sevilla, or Atletico Madrid.
I took some pride in sitting in the ESC, standing silently as they chanted "METRO REJECT" and seeing #mikemageefacts getting some vindication with that goal of his while I developed a smirk on my face.
Toggle Commented Oct 31, 2011 on SBI MLS Spotlight: Mike Magee at Soccer By Ives
This refuses to die, doesn't it? He is not looking to play for the German team. He's INJURED, not having a change of heart.
Anyone know if the Edwin van der Sar testimonial is being streamed anywhere?
Toggle Commented Aug 3, 2011 on Soccer Wednesday: A Look Ahead at Soccer By Ives
There's a FireKlinsmann account on Twitter already.
I'm in between "needed to make a change, but not sure about Klinsmann" and "right choice." I've got no problem with him being hired. He deserves a shot, just like any coach. Let's see what he can do. He did great with Germany, but was lackluster with Bayern Munich, and is not doing anything great consulting TFC. My entire issue is how Bradley was treated. The firing was inevitable, there's no doubt about that one. But he was always 2nd choice, and Gulati treated him like so. Hell, I'm sure Gulati would have pulled the trigger during the previous cycle if he had a shot at making Klinsmann the top man. There's no doubt Bradley knew this going in, and he's the bigger man for toughing out given the circumstances. It's like stringing along a girl because you like the attention, but knowing that you'll painlessly dump her if you know you've got a shot at the girl you always wanted.
Is that Blue Steel that he's doing?
I don't disagree, Barca is genius for making the deal like it is. Hell, it's possible they just started a new trend of transfers for young players (as mentioned by Poo in the post below). Now the legal nerd in me is wondering what the implications for transactions like this will be...
+1 I had to stop myself from literally laughing out loud at that.
I did see that, but come 2 years down the road, will he have developed enough to be worth the 40 million? That's my issue with the whole deal. To pay an additional 28 million, the guy has to be an absolute stud for Roma to consider blocking the transfer.
It also reinforces the ethos of Barca as I read in an article a few weeks ago. Essentially it said, once you're Barca, you're always Barca. You will always find your way back.
So they're essentially going to be paid one million to develop him for the next 2 years; that's assuming Bojan develops into a stud as people keep saying he will. On the one hand, it's a decent deal, but on the other, Roma has incentive to play him as little as possible in order to prevent Barca from buying him back.
I agree, the fine isn't going to stop guys from going down on little contact, but I'll applaud the legalese they used to pretty much say "try it again, and we won't be so nice the next time around."
Bedoya will likely be a second half substitution, with Dempsey moving up top. It fits the Bradley M.O.
I can't argue against this. Bradley won't gamble on a game like Canada, so this lineup makes the most sense.
I call Press Secretary. Or Chief of Staff.
Anyone have the exact starting lineups?
Ideally, I'd like to see him leave LA. If on the off-chance he did re-sign, I hope it's only for one more year, and (preferably) non-DP money. But that's obviously a pipe dream.
Good recap. Now the most important question of the day: why no tie?
Toggle Commented Apr 4, 2011 on SBI Stoppage Time: USMNT Edition at Soccer By Ives
that's what i thought for a slight second, but i immediately realized that it was already april 1st in europe, so it was fair game