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Looks tasty, but what are the prices like there? Rioja takes a month's worth of our disposable income budget, so when I see a cheesesteak sandwich like that and from the same people, it makes me fear for my wallet.
If you're into the jalapeno drink thing, you should stop by the Bananelope Coffee in Broomfield sometime. They make their own bottled jalapeno lemonade there.
Toggle Commented Sep 16, 2010 on Hail Satan! El Diablo at Denveater
What did you expect? These are the same people who invented lutefisk.
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2010 on Noma Trauma at Denveater
When I saw the diagram, I thought, "That's no food pyramid, that's a recipe for a delicious reduction!"
Toggle Commented Apr 28, 2010 on Denveater's 4 Basic Food Groups at Denveater
That first photo - the one of the dumplings - looks awesome. But I can't see driving all the way to Greenwood Village for it.
Toggle Commented Apr 27, 2010 on Luxe Redux: Chopsticks China Bistro at Denveater
My lovely wife, known to some as Living the Mile High Life, once proofread a menu with her famous red pen. She turned in the results at the end of the meal, expecting for some reason that they would appreciate receiving some free proofreading. They didn't. In other news, cachaça is still so rare in Colorado that you've got to cut people some slack for mispronouncing it. Portuguese is hard, especially if you're surrounded by Spanish all day.
I finally got a chance to try this place today. One piece of warning that I didn't get from reading this review: There is essentially no seating at Rise & Shine. I assumed it was a regular cafe/restaurant with some tables and chairs. It's not. You order at the counter, you get your biscuit (and coffee) and then you leave. There are 2 chairs with a little side table between them, and there are 3 seats facing a wall with a tiny ledge, and there's a window nook where two small people can sit cross-legged. That's it. So be prepared to get buttery, delicious biscuit pieces all over your clothes when you go. That said, the biscuits are good. I had two of them - one with egg and another with cheese and sausage. My date had one with jelly and another that was made into a sort of cinnamon roll of biscuit dough. The coffee drinks were tasty, and the counter staff (the owner's sister and one other person) were very friendly.
Somehow, your photo of the dinner salad makes it look less appealing than it actually was. And I'll bet the stuff on the baked potato was real butter, not margarine. You really think it's Parkay?
Interesting. At Rodizio Grill ("The Brazilian Steakhouse") they always have a potato salad on the salad bar that looks exactly like that. I never knew it came from Russia.
Yeah, I think we'll be going back REAL soon for the lobster ramen. Like 25 hours from now.
Toggle Commented Dec 27, 2009 on Denveater's Top 10 Tastes of 2009 at Denveater
"a bit absent"? Where have you run off to, anyhow? The world needs more of your beautiful food photos!
That last photo is a view only a kid could love.
Toggle Commented Nov 7, 2009 on Goat curry unplugged at Denveater
I love the "randy teen" photo here. Thought bubbles left to right: "These stuffed nuts are just divine! And Jenny's shoes are to die for!" "Jenny says Claude's a queer, but maybe he's just a nice dresser. I'm sure he just needs a real woman's touch." "Just go away, Mom. You are not Mrs. Robinson. Meanwhile, I'll just suppress my low self esteem with another serving." "Funny, great uncle Ivan said American girls like accordion music, but Jenny just keeps eating those stuffed nuts. How am I ever going to ask her out if she won't pay attention to me? I know, I'll start to sing!"
And I'm sitting in a basement in Broomfield also thinking that it looks good. The quinoa and feta thing and the gnocchi dish both look worth the trip. Did you know that Beth and I were strongly considering moving into the Taxi lofts at one point? Back then, there were just vague ideas of someone opening a coffee shop on the grounds. Well, that coffee shop eventually became Fuel, and now it sounds like it's a seriously good restaurant. I've read enough positive reviews that I've been meaning for us to go check it out, but for some reason we just never have. Thanks for the review.
Toggle Commented Nov 1, 2009 on Pumped by Fuel at Denveater
Those half-and-half fries sure look familiar. That's exactly the dish we ordered when Beth and I were there two Fridays ago. I liked both sides.
You forgot to mention that the Oceanaire's Caesar salad was named "Best Caesar Salad" in Denver by 5280 Magazine. One thing I enjoyed about the Oceanaire was that their drinks menu lists the grasshopper. Who ever drinks a grasshopper? Well, I decided it had been far too long and had to order one. And it was so good, I had to order another one.
I can't stop posting comments! Now that I look at the map, I see this is only a block away from Shish Kabob Grill, which is a great Middle Eastern restaurant right across from the capital. I had gyros last time I was there, but can't wait to go back for falafel sometime.
Oh, I forgot to mention that jamaica is spelled with a lower case "j". No relation to the country with the upper case "J".
I can't wait to try it out. I love horchata and jamaica, both.
These look delicious. If there was a prize for most attractive food blog photos, I'd award it to you.