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Two things I think are unhealthy about this strategy in the long run. First - the Worship Leader ceases being a shepherd of the people he/she leads and is merely a hireling. There is no deep connection of relationship with the people and they certainly aren't being led by someone who has a heart for them but a heart just for leading worship. Second - this will slowly erode the importance of worship in the church's DNA. Every other department is important enough to do whatever it takes to hire the right person, but when it comes to the Worship Leader they settle for second best. I believe this is taking the easy way out and eventually will hurt the overall impact of the church.
Toggle Commented Nov 9, 2009 on Outsourced Worship at LeadingSmart
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Glenn - excellent post. I have been a full-time Music "Pastor" for over 25 years and I am noticing that it is becoming rare to find someone who sees being a Worship Pastor as a life-long calling. To many it is just a stepping stone to something "bigger" or "greater". I can think of no higher calling than this. There is no shortage of talented musical directors, but finding someone with a pastor's heart is no easy task these days.
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