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What a great shape. Love cardigans at all costs.
Toggle Commented Nov 1, 2010 on cardigan giveaway at frolic!
a more flexible day job, more love, more dreams. maybe some new colored pencils too.
what a beautiful menorah! are the candles edible?
Toggle Commented Dec 12, 2009 on happy hanukkah at Ritzy Bee Blog
wow, these are beautiful. they would eliminate a good deal of draping labor as well! thank you so much for sharing this creative company! lindsey
Toggle Commented Dec 9, 2009 on boutique tents at Ritzy Bee Blog
ahh! i love all of these! especially mia farrow- what a doll! and look at that cake! you can get better looking cakes at publix now. oh my. wonderful, thank you for sharing!
Toggle Commented Oct 14, 2009 on vintage wednesdays at Ritzy Bee Blog
i am really drawn in by this. especially the colorful fruit- mesmerizing!
Toggle Commented Oct 14, 2009 on clusters of things... at Oh Joy!