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Before I started in Digital I didn't even know I was that interested in Photography. From the late 70's until the very early 80's I used Kodak 110 film. For awhile in the 80's I used single use cameras, the disc camera and then 35 mm. But the use of film was a chore for me. I hated bringing the film to get developed, the cost involved, and I still have about 25 or so rolls of film I never got developed. Then in the early 90's I got an advantix camera. Boy oh boy the pictures from that were crap. Then in 2005 I bought my first digital. And the whole world of photography opened up to me. Suddenly I was reading and learning everything I could. I bought a Kodak DS something. I quickly grew from that to a Kodak P850. I used that for a year or so, then I got a Fuji F20. Still have that one, use it for low light and when I want something small. Next I got a Kodak P880. That camera was my baby. I took it everywhere. The pictures (at low iso's are amazing). But then in 2008 I decided I had progressed enough to become a more "serious" photographer and this coincided with an inheritance of 5 Minolta lenses. So I got a Sony A-300. So guess what? I hate the darn thing. I hate lugging lenses and that heavy camera. I hate changing lenses between each shots, and I quickly got dust stuck on the sensor, no matter how careful I tried to be. Sure I loved the speed and the pictures at high ISO's much better than the Kodak. But in daylight it doesn't hold a candle to the P880. I feel more like a photographer with it, but more often than not I leave it at home and take the F20 or the P880. The only problem with those is that now I'm spoiled with some of the higher functions of the Sony. I've gone out on many an occasion and taken test shots with all the cameras. No matter what, during the day the P880 pics shine. I just love the look of that sensor. I think it's the clarity that gets me and the true to life colors. The shutter speed drives me crazy now, it is just so slow. And not being able to use it hand held in low light bugs me too. But I don't think I'll ever get rid of it because I still marvel at the photos it is capable of. Not to mention it's light, comes with a lens hood that stays on the camera whether you're using it or not. Now if Kodak would ever get around to upgrading this camera I'd be one happy camper. I'm kind of stuck between 3 cameras right now and they all have their limitations. I wish I could get one camera that is good enough for most of the situations I would use it in. I've been thinking about checking out the new Canon G11. Or perhaps the Panasonic GF1. But so far nothing has grabbed with with the got to have it bug. So in the meantime I use the P880 more and more.
Toggle Commented Oct 14, 2009 on Film for a Lifetime at The Online Photographer