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I generally take notes at seminars etc. in ink on my Tablet PC. On the PC version I have added the Balance Map tool to the Quick Access Toolbar at the top of the MindManager window and tap it when required. It's also Ctrl-Alt-B. Not sure what the equivalent on the Mac is. Don't you have a general hotkey keystroke/mouse macro tool?
Do you use maps during the conversation? Do you show the client the maps?
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Feel just like the guy in the picture top right. QuickBooks Regular 2006 ran once in Windows 7 XP Mode. Then I ran the updates. Second time round this message came up. "This application is blocked from running as a Virtual application". It does work in the Virtual XP PC which hosts XP mode, the navigators work and its prints to my PDF Printer. How irritating.
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I am running QuickBooks Regular 2006 on Windows 7. One thing works that did not in Vista: Printing to a PDF printer. One thing does not work that did in Vista: The Navigators. I suspect IE 8 is a step too far for QuicBooks. And there are some minor screens probably also browser based that don't work. Shortly I will install QuickBooks in Windows 7 in Windows XP Mode and that will solve both problems :)
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