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This site has been a lifesaver! I lived in Hawaii for about 2 years up until 2008 and my girlfriend was born and raised there but now lives here with me in San Diego. We are always trying to find the best places to eat any hawaiian style food because you definitely miss it after leaving the island. So i found this article yesterday and immediately went to Mo's and have to say it was really good. Also Mo was really cool too. I ordered the Korean Fried and the Lava Chicken. Everything was really good. I hadnt had Korean Fried Chicken quite like this but it was defintely good. The only time i had chicken labeled "Korean Fried Chicken" was in this Foodland in Lai'e in 2007. I called them up yesterday finally and just asked them what their sauce was and i guess its teriyaki based and it was marinated for hours and hours. I wanna try to find that style too. I also once had Char Siu fried chicken? Gotta find that too. But i'm getting off track. Thanks so much for the site. Gonna check out every place you review!
Toggle Commented Sep 23, 2009 on More on Homestyle Hawaiian at mmm-yoso!!!
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