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As @spartz correctly points out the lack of mainstream interest may not matter. NPD reports that the mainstream segment only represent 10% of total music sales which sort of jives with @tconrads statement that 50% of Americans don't pay for music. Not an attractive customer segment. @hishamdahud I don't think the mainstream has really been exposed to music discovery as we all here might think of discovery. Yes, they're just getting a taste of Shazam and activity streams in Facebook but I think we can all agree that discovery can be so much richer and deeper than that. But we don't build tools for the passive mainstream and it would be irresponsible to do so. Rather we focus on the two segments that NPD stated were open to new music discovery which coincidentally represent 80% of the dollars spent on music. The most active segment is only 10% of the active consumer population but represents 5X more spending per capita. And as a side note, this is consistent with our userbase, see: As discovery goes further through the adoption cycle, we'll look for opportunities to introduce products that meet the mainstream's needs but for the reasons above, the economics are tough on that segment.
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And this is precisely why it should be required for VCs to have done what you are doing now. Call it an internship. Nothing like a little character building and perspective by scraping together payroll, building a product and team, dealing with 500 things on fire right in front of you and still coming up swinging. Best of luck with your venture.