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BK What's going on with the former BKL?
I don't see how mentioning the BOA ad in the context of the Occupy movement helps Margolin's argument. It is entirely irrelevant to the point he is cumbersomely trying to make.
BK what was said at the lecture? do you have a link to the powerpoint slides or a transcript? thanks BK: I'm sorry. I don't.
BK Thanks for the response. I do not disagree with your analysis regarding the Bilbao effect and technology; however, I am not certain I would agree that he is more talented than Mies, who I believe is the most talented architect since FLW.
BK I am not letting you off the hook on this. CAM: Oh, yes, the Gehry question. Congratulations on your tenacity. He's the best architect of our time, hugely significant not only because of his architecture and the "Bilbao effect" but also because of his influence on the technology of how we design and build. That fit your bill?
BK Thanks for the status update. I apologize for pressing you on this; however, I greatly respect your thinking and I am eager to hear your analysis. Thanks again.
BEE KAY You are seemingly afraid to disagree with Huxtable on this. Let us hear your stance. Thanks. BK: My stance is that I'm finishing a two-part series on parks and you'll have to wait. Got it?
BK Agreed but that sidesteps the question: is he the most talented architect since FLW?
BK Can we get a response? I am not asking for a doctoral thesis here. BK: Gehry rocks.
BK I am fine with that--I was just looking for an explanation and a response. I got the former, I will look forward to the latter. Thanks BK
BK Where is your response to my question? Please explain the edits you made to my post. Thanks. CAM: I made the edits because you went over the line in your categorization of the architecture critic with whom you were disagreeing. The rules of this blog are clear: Spirited debate is fine; name-calling and false characterizations are not. I'll get back to you later on your question.
Huxtable is wrong; Gehry is not more talented than Mies, Gropius, or Graham to name just a few since FLW. Can we get your stance on this issue? We appreciate it.
Ron, if BK doesn't mind, I will step in to respond to your post. LPT was based on a 1922 Mies design for a Berlin scraper that never got built. BK: Cam, Thanks for contributing to the dialogue, as always, but I don't think you're quite right. For years, the received wisdom was that the architects of LPT were highly influenced by Mies' visionary skyscrapers of the 1920s. But the authors of a new book on LPT, Kevin Harrington and Edward Windhorst, persuasively argue otherwise. The authors maintain that the tower's design emerged from the realities of program and structure rather than being a slavish imitation of Mies' work.
BK- Bold prediction by Gapp
Screw the urban landscaping. What is being done about the decay in the arch? That is a huge Saarinen masterpiece. An international treasure. BK: This is what's being done:,0,4886690.story
BK Do the math. By hour, the rates are the same. BK: Indeed they are, but any economist will tell you that the higher price point in NYC will discourage people from taking that tour.
BK Please allow me the pleasure of raising a Riedel Pinot Noir glass to Eero Saarinen, a true master of mid-century modernism. And, let me place that same glass down on a white Saarinen side table after imbibing. PS BK Find a way to let us post up photos.
Toggle Commented Aug 3, 2010 on Cityscapes goes to St. Louis at Cityscapes
BK You are a gentleman and a scholar. I enjoy our lighthearted intellectual jousts. Let's revisit the issue from the comfort of our rocking chairs 20 yrs from now. Until then, let us just agree that if you disagree with me on this, you are wrong. BK: No way. Be sure to see yesterday's post about Architecture magazine's shot at the VF survey.
BK Its subjective--therefore there is no right or wrong. And good design is not synonymous with this pretentious green fad. No surprise then, that this buildings were largely omitted. Not because there is myopia amongst those in the so-called Establishment but simply because green buildings don't make the cut when it comes to good design. At the risk of distracting from my main argument, you can mark my words BK, this entire green fad will give us all a good laugh in 20 years. BK: Words marked. But it's your short-sighted prediction that will be the subject of our laughter.
BK The survey covers significant buildings as deemed such by architects and others in the field. How does Vanity Fair have any control over which works are selected? Should they have instituted a quota system so that those participating in the survey didnt hurt the feelings of the Al Gore set? BK: Those answering the survey had a blind spot as well as the magazine. Which is nothing new for architecture's Establishment. They've been wrong plenty of times before
Check this out, BK BK: Thanks. I love that deadmalls Web site.
BK Please cover the lighting of the spire. Sometimes it is lit, sometimes it is not.