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ARAMID, where are you from? india? if you are from Belau, isn't "HE" your president too? you wish Chin won or what is your terberechel el di mekerokl el abareter. get over with it and support our President and our Belau. Ada kemerur el chad ra Belau? omilkingem tells that you didn't vote for JT, but when he won you got depressed and now your depression is a devere depression disorder. Move on! SISKIND EL BUIK
Commented Sep 24, 2009 on Open Thread LXXVII at okedyulabeluu
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Meeks......hhhmmmm......sounds familiar.....thinking.....thinking....still thinking....oh, it's Nancy and she still WANTS HER SHARE OF THE MONEY,and her lawyer/lawyers are the stupidiest i ever heard of. Let Mr. Meeks rest in peace NANCY FOOL. SISKIND EL BUIK
Toggle Commented Sep 24, 2009 on Ngerulmud Let Me Be Free at okedyulabeluu
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